New Frontiers

India is among the three most attractive FDI destinations in the world and has evolved as one of world’s leading technology centers

It has the highest return on foreign investment in the world and by 2032, India will be among the three largest economies in the world.

India is a developed country as far as Intellectual Property is concerned.

The Indian market has two core advantages – an increasing presence of multinationals and an upswing in the IT exports.

These factors indicate the current of the world economy’s outlook towards the investments in India. The Indian Government has always given top priority to the Indian SMEs, leading to their growth and has contributed heavily to the growth of the Indian economy. The Government too has introduced incentives for the SMEs in order to make them competitive in the international markets. In order to enable SMEs get easy access to the finance, government has also introduced priority sector lending and has made mandatory on the domestic and foreign banks to lend 40% and 32% of their Net Bank Credit (NBC) to the SMEs.

The foreign SMEs, looking for Indian market, have good opportunities in the field of technology transfer, setting up the new business in the country, obtaining the sub-contracting rights, out-sourcing to their Indian partners et.